About me

I am a first-year physics major at UCSB. I plan on changing majors to Mechanical Engineeering in my sophomore year and studying abroad in France in my junior year. In my spare time, I play water polo for the UCSB Club water polo team and I hang out on the beach with my friends.


I attended Willow Glen High School in San Jose, California. I graduated with a 4.4 GPA and strong level of preparedness for a higher education. I started my college career this past September at UCSB where I am currently a physics major.

Work Experience

  1. Wireless Testing Support Intern at Underwriters Laboratories
  2. Seasonal Intern at ACI Alloys Inc.
  3. Cashier at Main Street Burgers
  4. Lifeguard at the YMCA
  5. Swim Instructor at Sharky's Swim School

Job Descriptions

Here are descriptions of each job I have worked and my upcoming internship as well as the time period I worked at each job.

Hobbies, Skills, and Future Plans

Here are some of my current pastimes and skills and hopefully my future ones.


I speak, write, and read French at an intermediate level. I am currently working to become 100% fluent so that I can be more prepared for when I travel to Europe in the future.

Water Polo

I play water polo for the UCSB Men's Club team and I love everything about it.


I am currently taking an online class about the programming languages: C and Python. However, I am still a beginner at coding.


While at UCSB, I started surfing and used to go weekly with my friends. Once quarantine ends, I intend to improve on my surfing abilities and hopefully buy my own board.


I have been playing the trumpet for the past 10 years of my life and now use it as a pastime or a stress reliever. I love to play jazz and pop songs, and with my dad and brother.


I lifeguarded and taught swim lessons throughout all of high school. I am CPR/First Aid certified and a fairly decent swim instructor.

Mechanical Engineering

I am currently trying to change my major to Mecahnical Engineering in my sophomore year so that I can do a 5-year B.S. and M.S. program at UCSB.

Study Abroad

I plan to study abroad my junior year first semester in either France or Germany. To prepare for this I am learning the customs and will start learning basic German in case I decide to study in Germany.


For my free electives I will be taking Economics so that I can learn how to responsibly handle money, invest, and own assets in a financially intelligent way.

Die Launcher

A fairly unimportant project on my summer to-do list is to build a die projectile launcher to improve my beer die skills. Although it has no important purpose, I will be applying physics and woodworking knowledge to build it.

Water Polo Nationals

My club team and I are trying to make the cut for nationals (probably 2021 Nationals). This will require us to raise a lot of money and to improve our fundamental skills. This past season we were one seed away from making the cut.

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